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Medimob is a platform that brings together healthcare professionals from various backgrounds, such as nurses, doctors, psychologists, therapists, phlebotomists and more. It allows them to provide services both online and in-person, expanding their reach beyond geographical barriers.
The user-friendly platform makes some tasks easier, helping practitioners focus on delivering personalized and convenient healthcare services to patients online or at their homes.

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Link your online booking system

Link your current booking system effortlessly with Medimob. Let patients conveniently book appointments online, making healthcare more accessible. Automate the booking process, lightening the administrative burden and creating a seamless experience for your patients.

link online booking system
manage clinic and practitiomers

Manage your clinics and practitioners

With Medimob, you can effortlessly manage and connect various clinics and healthcare professionals. You can easily connect with the patient, allocate resources, and guarantee a cohesive patient experience across all your locations.

Get detailed insights with analytics

Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making with comprehensive analytics provided by Medimob. Gain valuable insights into patient interactions, appointment trends, and other key metrics. Utilize this information to optimize your practice, enhance patient experiences, and make informed business decisions.

detailed insights analytics
receive reviews

Be found in multiple locations

Extend your professional reach by being easily discoverable in multiple locations. Whether you practice in one or several areas, our platform ensures that potential patients can find you conveniently, expanding your accessibility and patient base.

Receive reviews

Create an environment that encourages ongoing improvements by gathering reviews from patients. Medimob makes it simple for medical professionals to collect reviews and proactively ask patients for feedback. Use positive reviews to build your online presence, and use concerns to improve patient experiences.

be found in multiple locations
set the radius

Set the radius

Set a specific radius to adjust the geographic reach of your services. By tailoring your practice to your patients' and community's needs, you can provide healthcare right where it's most necessary. This customization not only improves your practice's efficiency and flexibility but also makes it easier for patients to find practitioners in their area.

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